Hard Hittin´Blues with a Touch of Southern Soul

After more than 30 years Knock-Out Greg has got a pretty solid claim for being a top act on the Scandinavian blues scene. He discovered the blues when he first met Swedish blues legend Sven Zetterberg. His soulful vocals, razor sharp guitarplaying and fat harmonica tone inspired by Big Walter Horton and George Harmonica Smith has amazed bluesfans everywhere. His first 20 active years he fronted the legendary RnB combo Knock-Out Greg & Blue Weather touring extensively all over the world. The band released 6 albums on Last Buzz records, Blue Mood records and Finnish label Goofin´records. The last ten years he has been seen backed by different constellations such as Knock-Out Greg & the Injectors and Knock-Out Greg & the Jukes to mention a few.

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KNOCK-OUT GREG & THE SCANDINAVIAN BLUE FLAMES is his new dreamteam with tip of the top players like Greg´s younger brother Marcus Andersson on drums, bassplayer extraordinary Lars Näsman who is known for his great work with bands like Sam Rocket & his Blues Prisoners, Trickbag and has also been hired to back up many international bluesartists on European tours.


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Pianoplayer is no other than Fredrik von Werder who played with bands like Trickbag, The beat from Palookaville and with legendary Swedish blues singer Sven Zetterberg for many years.

Last but definitely not least guitar wizard Tomi Leino from Finland who is considered to be one of the greatest blues guitar players in Europe by blues fans. Together they have toured worldwide with performances at some of the most important international blues festivals.

Tune in to a show with Knock-Out Greg & the Scandinavian Blue Flames and expect to hear some hard hittin´ blues and a touch of southern soul deeply rooted in the tradition.

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Some would call it old school – but with fresh energy and original songs they’re gonna Knock you Out! And there will be no saving by the bell!

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