Tad Robinson

“When Tad Robinson dies, he´s going to soul heaven…a place reserved for a very few people.” – Otis Clay

“Robinson places near the top of the list of the finest living singes of soul blues. His Upward-bound voice is of a genuinely handsome quality and he uses it with confidence.”
Frank-John Hadley, DOWNBEAT


For a genre as cathartic as blues, the venue can inspire or destroy an artist’s performance if not their career. No one clutched at this show, and several of the performers changed my opinion about them or opened my ears for the first time to talents I’d either missed or misinterpreted.
Tad Robinson
may not look the part of the deeply inflected soul singer, but his delivery and his original songs suddenly elevated him in my mind to a level shared with Curtis Salgado and John Nemeth. His guitarist, Alex Schultz, played some of the most evocative and understated soul guitar I’ve ever heard. I had heard wonderful things on his Back in Style LP from Severn, but you never know how much of the sound on a soul LP is the producer and how much is the artist. Robinson is a major player!


Latest Release : “Real Street” – Severn Records 2020